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Thanks to our long experience as college athletes and recruiters, coaches rely on our assessment - a really important factor when it comes down to making you an offer and trusting that you will meet the eligibility requirements (NCAA & NAIA) in order to compete.

  • Proven track record - securing scholarships for clients
  • 360° approach: athletic, academic & financial
  • Fair pay - Success-based & tied to milestones
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Any intercollegiate sport you could possibly think of is being played in college. Think soccer, swimming, track & field. Think tennis, golf or volleyball. Discover the sports, which are offered in college.

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Athletes & Parents are to Decide Whether we are Good at What we do

I liked the friendship between me and my recruiting expert and the organization and professionalism with which all the tasks were completed.

They know a lot about athletes, college coaches and suitable universities.I strongly recommend them!

I was helped all the way to get to a very good university. Dominic was very kind and competent. He helped me, whenever help was needed.

I only have positive things to say about Smarthlete. They are by far the best consultants. Without Dominic and the team would not have made it to the US.

I loved the attention and attitude that you all offered me.

They make the process a lot easier and enjoyable and they find opportunities that you may never find by yourself.

I really had the feeling Yannick did everything to find the perfect college for me. I felt he is passionate to find the perfect fit for every individual.

-Very friendly
-extremely helpful
-excellent knowledge about the recrutiing process
-available almost non-stop
-very trustworthy

I worked with Smarthlete and I think that was one of the best decisions that I have made because it changed my future. I strongly recommend Smarthlete to all my athlete friends.

Thank you for getting me on a team in the U.S.! I couldn’t have wished for a better place!

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The Smarthlete Heritage - Our Promise

Our promise:

Coach is interested - you’ll know about it. No interest? You’ll know as well.

Our promise:

Acquire "communication skills" & learn how to structure the biggest project so far.

"Personal Fit"
Our promise:

You are unique! We match you with schools that are a fit athletically, academically & financially.

Anywhere, Anytime. Desktop or Mobile.

Be on top of your game when speaking with coaches. Having access to college data helps.


College Placement

Our ELITE plans ensure you have the right level of support you need.

Always included
  • Shareable recruiting profile
  • Access to our client portal
  • College Database
  • Navigation through the process from A to Z
  • Dedicated recruiting expert
  • College "Eligibility" review
  • Support with all admin tasks

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